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Powered with advanced programming languages, frameworks and skills, our mobile app developers are ready for complex mobile application development and mobile testing. Master of Code Global was founded in 2004 and has gone on to serve clients including Mercedes-Benz and IDG. This San Francisco-based mobile app and software development company is keyed into current design trends and how they can be used to empower client success. App developers are responsible for building, testing, and deploying mobile apps.

The website GBKSOFT designed made it easy for both parties to find what they needed, allowing for manageable profiles, simple payments, and appointment adjustments. Looksery is facial tracking and modification app for real-time video communication. Receive amazing special face effects right through the front-facing camera in real-time. Google Site Search plugin has been set up in the bot allows users to search for athletes bios by entering… For example, Master of Code Global built an app for Phox, a company built around helping users quickly capture, organize, and share photos of their workplace from their smartphone. Nomad is a digital platform that simplifies buying and renting homes in Dubai. Founded in 2019, Nomad turns a traditionally complicated offline routine into a smooth online experience.

cloud application development in ukraine

For activities that require a lot of processing power, such as data analysis. This stage is about getting acquainted with your target audience, their needs, and pains, and together with this the ways, your competitors resolve those, i.e., their products. If you entrust your files to the cloud, you don’t have to care for your hardware and its timely substitution. The only thing you can pay more for is the amount of space on the cloud for your files.

Engineering Powerhouse For An Elearning Platform

We understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all business solution… So we contribute to the financial industry, payment solutions, E-learning and much more by providing customized development for mobile applications, web-platforms, and individually tailored design. As Cisco stated, in 2021, more than 94% of all companies will use cloud optimization services in different forms. Our teams of professional designers and mobile app developers have vast technical expertise and are guided by experienced project managers. Factorial Complexity worked with a mobile and web application design firm to manage the development of several projects. The team has created a number of mobile apps for this client with an emphasis on rapid turnaround times.

SpaceSeven to Launch a Game-Changing NFT Marketplace – Yahoo Finance

SpaceSeven to Launch a Game-Changing NFT Marketplace.

Posted: Wed, 24 Nov 2021 08:00:00 GMT [source]

They ultimately need the support of development teams for implementing this vision into a tangible product or service. We believe that it’s vitally important for such a team to support the visionaries’ fire. Visionaries generate ideas of products and concepts that define the future. Bringing software products to customers and succeeding – it’s their passion.

Understanding Clients Project Initiation

Developers for hire located there take interest mostly in short-term projects. We have provided you with some insights into the current state of the information technology domain in Ukraine. Ukrainian law does not directly provide for a mechanism similar to the indemnity.

The IT industry is one of the most rapidly growing segments of the Ukrainian economy. For the last five years, it has been on a constant rise, with 20% year-over-year growth. Ukraine has gained compelling positions in prominent international technology-related rankings. Global Outsourcing has listed 18 Ukrainian sharepoint software development outsourcing companies among the best outsourcing companies in Eastern Europe. Moreover, Gartner and Outsourcing Journal have called Ukraine one of the top destinations for outsourced software development. For the last 8 years, we’ve managed to grow and adapt to the ever-changing market.

We Manage The Complexity Of Working In The Cloud

Our key to success is building scalable intelligent web & mobile applications that simplify people’s lives. During this time, we managed to cooperate with CNN, Loreal, and other businesses of all sizes. We also have become the official partner of Google Cloud Platform after working on the cloud-based solution for the Nanopore DNA sequencer project. An e-commerce development company hired Mediapark Group to provide assistance with mobile app projects for its clients.

Preliminary research, analysis of business requirements, mobile MVP and proof-of-concept , assistance with app store deployment and UX design for any platform. We will turn your idea into a high-quality, consumer-facing commercial iOS and Android app, combining intuitive user experience and beautiful interface with engaging features and flawless performance. We specialize in offshore Salesforce development, ISV and AppExchange development and Salesforce integration. They turned to Wezom for a focused SERVICE that would highlight their unique brand voice and audience. Wezom delivered with highly modern and striking approach focused on making an impact.

  • APIs are a simplified way to connect your own infrastructure through cloud-native app development, but they also allow you to share your data with customers and other external users.
  • With clients that include Nordstrom and a long list of successful work in a range of industries, Zoolatech has already made a name for itself as a go-to source for expert custom software development.
  • The client opted to continue working with Mediapark Group rather than hiring an in-house team of app developers.

If such an agreement is concluded between residents then Ukrainian law shall apply and, correspondingly, typical conditions of the contract under a foreign law may not work in practice. Our Delivery Operations department is responsible for CSAT measurements and receiving constant feedback from our clients during the delivery of our outsourcing programming services. Every six months, we share a short survey with our existing clients that helps us collect data and analyze it to improve internal processes. Our client, a freight marketplace provider with 1.3 million shipments annually, needed to streamline the onboarding process of their Uber-like application. We developed a complete solution that organizes and automates the onboarding process by using image recognition of drivers’ IDs and analyzing track records and delivery histories.


The concept behind PaaS helps concentrate on developing the app rather than worrying about the infrastructure. Infrastructure as a service provides on-demand IT infrastructure for your platform and apps, including servers, storage, outstaffing services devops teams network, and operating systems. It’s built on virtualization technology, so you’ll be able to digitally access and manage the vendor’s physical resources. It’s also self-service, meaning you have total control over the resources.

By paying a relatively low cost for software development services provided by Ukraine software developers, you can expect to get a high-quality custom software solution. The second reason is that Ukrainian software developers show a high level of technical competence. If you want to hold an in-person meeting with a Ukrainian software company, you can easily get there. The global market of the software as a service according to various estimates is going to reach about 1 trillion US dollars in 2025, which is almost three times more than this year. Alongside SaaS, the related cloud technology markets are constantly evolving as well. More and more “cloud” solutions optimizing almost all business processes quickly with relative financial benefit will appear on the market. It goes without saying that technological innovations are significantly ahead of their legal regulation.

So far our cooperation with Vilmate has shown to be fruitful, as they are incredibly trustworthy and reliable. They have always been available and open to dialogue when it comes to making changes. Professionalism and commitment to the project mean a lot to me, which is why we wish Vilmate to have a successful pathway forward in the development and programming field. Empower marketers to connect with their customers in more immersive and less cumbersome ways for greater efficiency and increased ROI.

Team With

Over three years of collaboration, Mediapark Group has developed multiple mobile apps, including a shopping app and an app for medical delivery drivers. The client opted to continue working with Mediapark Group rather than hiring an in-house team of app developers. Headquartered in Beersheba, Israel, they also have an office in Kharkiv, Ukraine. With a team of 62 employees, their services include IT staff augmentation, mobile app development, and web development. They primarily serve midmarket clients in the healthcare and medical, financial services, and IT industries.

cloud application development in ukraine

GBKSOFT has totaled more than 412,000 hours of development work across an impressive range of industries worldwide. Their web and app development experience has grown since their founding in 2011 to span companies from job boards and SaaS firms to taxi platforms and travel portals. Ten-X asked Zoolatech to develop a complex test automation solution and a built-in QA Automation process into Ten-X’s CI/CD pipeline. Zoolatech created a custom Test Automation Framework based on….

Ai Photo & Video App

You get tapped into the expertise provided by 100+ members of the company. We resolve the challenging projects with the most cutting-edge and innovative technologies and approaches.

List Of Cloud Application Vendors

The overall cost depends on a wide range of factors, including the location, the company’s policy, individual’s professional experience, etc. For instance, North America’s hourly rate ranges anywhere between $70 and $180, whereas, in Ukraine, it’s just $55-$70. Hence, businesses need to carry out thorough research and explore all the options. Now you are aware of the best countries to outsource software development. The ratings and descriptions are pretty subjective and can not offer you an exhaustive picture but knowing what to expect can be the initial vital step towards your success. If you think of adoption a ‘Western-style’ approach to running your business project, Argentina, Poland and Ukraine will be closer in kind to your required attitude and performance.

Another argument in favor of IT outsourcing in Ukraine is worldwide recognition and investors’ trust. Given that, it comes as no surprise that over 100 organizations listed in Fortune 500 are using the services provided by Ukrainian software developers.

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